Plastic Injection Molding

Our plastic injection molding capacity extends from 25T to 3000T and Class 8 (10k and 100k) cleanroom molding . We process most engineered and commodity based resins and can quickly adapt tool changes with less scrap at start-up. This gives us the unique ability to produce longer runs and more available productive uptime.

In addition, we offer a full range of testing environments in our laboratory and can provide a multitude of secondary operations including: paint, pad print, silk screen, hot stamp, bar code labeling, graphical emblems and trim, ultrasonic, welding, RF welding, metal stamping, chrome plating, decorative finishes and more.

We have continuously improved our processes so we can offer more products with consistent quality at a competitive price:

  • Engineered and Commodity Based Resins
  • Dedicated Worldwide Tool suppliers to FPE Standards
  • Quick Change Molds-Optimize Uptime
  • Improved Cycle Time Utilizing Aluminum Molds
  • Mold-In Color or Pre-Color at Press
  • Insert Molding and Overmolding